WRECK of the week

Mary-Catherine Dolan

What defines a talk show? Is it the inexplicable guests a host interviews on their set? Is it the constant talk of weaves versus real hair? Or is it the constant “sista” rants on stage? If your name is Tyra Banks, the answer is all of the above. In its fifth season, Banks and the producers of the “The Tyra Banks Show” are not showing any signs of letting up in the selection of heinous daytime TV topics. Perhaps it is the lack of legitimate celebrities wanting to be guests on the show, but either way, Banks is well on her way to helming a Jerry Springer-like show – complete with lingerie throw downs and all. Topics every week range from overweight sexual fantasies to plus size bikini dances to pre-teens trying to get pregnant. The unfortunate and tacky talk show outdid itself in the horrendous category by airing promotional previews of Banks making over the top productions of how this is the very first season she will be hosting with only her real hair. With a preview for a talk show like that, who could really expect anything above tragic?