WRECK of the week: ‘Dance Moms’’ Second Season Spotlight

Christine Burroni

Abbey Lee Miller hits the small screen again with her army of military-like trained 12-year-old dancers on Lifetime’s second season of the trashy hit, “Dance Moms.” However, we know that the girls’ outrageous ability is not really what this show is about, hence the title. The mothers of these dancers are also back, and they have more energy and enthusiasm than their daughters. However, they don’t need music to perform. It’s the drama that drives these middle-aged mean girls. Arguing and conniving over dance positions, costumes and who’s on the top of the competitive weekly pyramid, these moms can’t seem to get enough of their lives in the Pennsylvania studio.

Abbey, the head of the Abbey Lee Dance Company and creator of these petty situations, does anything but dance around the drama with her loud and outrageous remarks. In the second season’s first episode, the drama surrounding solo performances and bumping up the girls’ ages to qualify in a competition is just the beginning. The newest mom added to the crew definitely doesn’t know what she’s in for. Dancing for Abbey Lee may be a great opportunity, and the experience will be unforgettable, especially for the viewers at home, depending on who your mother is.