Wreck of the Week: Melrose Place

Daniella Appolonia

For some reason, the CW insists on reviving every hit television show from the ’90s. And, frankly, their efforts are in vain. Their latest attempt at providing entertainment came with the premiere of their most recent torture device, “Melrose Place.” Within the first episode, someone is already murdered, floating face down in the pool outside the exquisite villa these fabulous 20-somethings can miraculously afford to live in. There is too much drama already, and what is to come may be just as unbearable. How Ashlee Simpson-Wentz received a role in the show is still a mystery. However, her acting is not as horrible as one may have presumed. Yet, the CW continually assumes that merely hiring sexy, narcissistic actors will make for an instant hit. However, there must be substance and appealing dialogue for the show to gain fans, which it is certainly lacking. But if call girls, predicable plot lines, and mediocre acting are your thing, then you should most certainly tune in. It is only a matter of time before Simpson-Wentz takes off her wig and blows up the apartment complex.