Rave of the Week: Bones

Tara McMahon

The season premiere of Fox’s “Bones” satisfied this returning viewer. After four seasons of will they/won’t they sexual tension between Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), the two have almost confessed their feelings for one another. Whether it is Booth literally taking a bullet to save Brennan’s life or simply harboring jealousy over her latest love interest, it has been apparent that the two are meant to be together. However, neither character is willing to risk their professional relationship for a chance at love. Luckily, things started to heat up in the season premiere. The highlight of the episode is when Booth asks Brennan for a kiss, eliciting a coy smile of rejection. Booth struggles with his feelings, fearing they are only a side effect of his recent brain surgery. He is afraid to pursue a relationship with Brennan, knowing that she usually keeps herself guarded and finds the idea of love inferior to the stability of science and reason. Brennan needs to let herself fall for Booth. But if that’s not enough, perhaps Booth’s heroic effort to save her life, once again, will do the trick. Lets face it – how can a girl resist falling for her partner-in-crime-fighting? Especially when he swoops in to save her and says, “I got you, baby” after finding her injured. But the moment where I held my breath was when Booth finally admitted to Brennan that he loved her… only to qualify it by saying “in a professional, atta girl” sort of way. Will the two ever get past that road block? Let’s hope.