RAVE of the week

Matt Busekroos

This almost nine-year-old CBS reality show is still thrilling to watch every week, specifically the latest edition in Tocantins. While having its good and bad seasons like most television shows, “Survivor” is currently on a hot streak for the sheer amount of twists and turns. This edition’s cast of characters are especially memorable, including the recently booted Tyson, who was one of the cockier contestants this show has seen. Tyson was blind-sided at tribal council on April 23 a week after he blind-sided his biggest competition, Brendan. In terms of memorable contestants, there is also Taj, a Grammy-nominated singer from the group SWV, who is currently married to former NFL star Eddie George and “Coach,” who tells the most outlandish stories, including the time he supposedly spent in the Amazon captive to natives. Host Jeff Probst is aces and it is no surprise he was the inaugural winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program. Probst takes an active role in grilling the contestants and calling any of them out whenever given the opportunity. Perhaps the greatest reason to watch is for the dramatic tribal councils that have occurred this season. There have been a number of shockers, which has made “Survivor” a must-see every week.