WRECK of the week

Matt Busekroos

Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker” follows Patti Stanger, who owns an elite matchmaking service in the Los Angeles area that is strictly for millionaires. Patti is a know-it-all who thinks she can actually make love connections, but is essentially taking the millionaires for a ride. There is a rigorous screening process to find the right girls for the millionaires. But if the club is only for millionaires, aren’t most, if not all the girls, gold-diggers? Why else would they join a matchmaking service that caters to men, who must have a set amount of money to be allowed in the club? Patti often uses metaphors and hand gestures when she discusses the penis, which is awkward and bizarre. She is also not afraid to offend and makes demeaning comments that are fun in a train wreck kind of way. Patti once admitted that “redheads are not the freshest produce in the aisle.” Well you know what, Patti? I beg to differ.