Letter to the editor:


Quinnipiac has many of the quaint nuances of the traditional New England liberal arts college. We have picturesque brick academic centers around a lush quadrangle laced with winding paths. We have scores of students walking, studying and relaxing around campus. We even have ivy growing from some of our buildings. So what’s missing? The benches! There are surprisingly few benches around our academic facilities. This small number of sitting sanctuaries is limited to a row stretching from the student center to the library, and two small circles by Echlin, leaving many students with no where to sit. Benches play an important role in the outdoor interaction of the academic experience. They foster student discussion and encourage outdoor studying. They can transform the quad from a class-to-class causeway into a destination. As it stands, students have very limited opportunity to eat outside without being subjected to sitting on the often-wet ground. Why not add some tables outside the student center? There is seldom a chance to enjoy a book without parking yourself on those unforgiving granite library steps. Why not add a few more basic wooden seats about the quad? Of course cultivating a rich academic and social environment is more complex than simply peppering the campus with a handful of community pews. But why can’t Quinnipiac’s path to become an elite institution have a few benches along the way?