Laptop thief needs a new hobby

Julia Bucchianeri

To all Quinnipiac students: start locking your computer to your desk. Apparently there is an individual on our campus who feels the need to take his or her fellow students’ computers. I’ve heard of thefts at the library, Echlin and the law library already, and I’m sure there have been others. I would like to ask this individual, how do you sleep at night?

I’m not even asking this person to fess up and admit to their selfish acts, I’m simply wondering why they think it is okay to just scoop up another person’s computer and go about their business. If they are stealing the computers to sell the parts because of personal financial struggles-well, then all I have to say is buck up. Maybe they’re a little short on cash, but really, who isn’t these days? The economy sucks right now, everyone could use some extra money but that is absolutely no excuse for stealing computers. I’m assuming that whoever the thief is, is stealing the computers to sell the parts because the majority of the computers on this campus have tracking devices. So, either the person knows how to deactivate the device or they take apart the computer before the “help” desk can come to the rescue.

If this person has enough time to walk around Quinnipiac buildings and take innocent students’ computers and then sell or take them apart, surely they must have enough time on their hands to go get a job. Yeah, yeah, the economy is struggling, there aren’t jobs, but I’m sure you could find a job at a local retail store. I’m not talking about some paid internship for credit. At least have a little dignity in the way you make your money. I don’t care if you work at McDonald’s-at least you would know that while you flip burgers you’re working for your money.

Does anyone else agree with me here? I just do not understand how someone, one of our fellow students, can walk through the library and take another student’s computer while they left their cubby for a minute. Now I don’t feel like I can get up and leave my laptop to use the restroom. That isn’t right. As students, we should feel secure enough in our own buildings to leave our belongings for less than five minutes to use the facilities.

I ask this individual to please stop stealing. I feel like a kindergarten teacher talking to a six-year-old. It is just not right. You must have missed that lesson so many years ago when we learned to keep our hands to ourselves and not say anything unless we had something nice to say. So to remind you, a general rule that people go by is to not take something that does not belong to you.