RAVE of the week: Christina Applegate – Samantha who?

Matt Busekroos

Christina Applegate is an enchanting presence on the floundering ABC comedy, “Samantha Who?” While struggling in the ratings in its second season, “Samantha Who?” has consistently delivered laughs through its eccentric story arc. Applegate stars as Samantha Newly, a bad seed who alters her lifestyle after getting hit by a car and suffering amnesia. Due to her lack of memory, Samantha constantly runs into people she did harm to before her accident. Applegate is angelic as the ‘new’ Sam and devilish in flashbacks as the ‘old’ Sam. Two of Sam’s best friends Dena (Melissa McCarthy) and Andrea (Jennifer Esposito) resemble equal halves of Sam’s new and old personalities. Not many other actresses on television are given the opportunity to show off their chops as well as Applegate given the original direction of her show. Jean Smart and Kevin Dunn provide solid support to Applegate as Sam’s parents. Applegate, who won an Emmy as Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) sister Amy on “Friends” in 2003, is more than deserving of recognition for her scatter-brained portrayal of Samantha on one of ABC’s mot original comedies in years.