And the next Student Body President is…


Many have considered there to be a serious disconnect between the administration and SGA, and also SGA and the student body. As president, do you plan to bridge these gaps? If yes, specifically how so?

Louis Venturelli:

“During my time as a Student Government Representative, I have consistently strived to close the gap between SGA and the students, as well as SGA and the administration. I am aware of the serious disconnect and as Student Body President, I have a plan to bring the community closer together.

“In order to accurately reflect the student voice, it is important that the members of Student Government interact with the student body on a daily basis. Aside from regular conversation, the student body should be given more opportunities to get involved in Student Government relations. As Student Body President, I plan to host two receptions for students and SGA members a year. The receptions will provide students the opportunity to get to know their representatives on a more intimate level.

“As for administration, it is important to elect a Student Government that is composed of highly qualified ambassadors. As Student Body President, I will make it clear to the administration that the Student Body is here to offer a professional opinion that will only advance the Bobcat community. The unilateral decisions that are made on the administrative level are starting to disappoint community members. We must work together in order to make a positive change.”

Dean Czerwonka:

“The Student Government Association does not meet with the Administration as much as we should. There is a lot of miscommunication between both sides. The reason for the miscommunication is because both sides aren’t coming together efficiently; therefore, becoming ineffective. There is a bridge built between both the student government association and administration, but the problem with is that both parties haven’t been willing to meet at the middle of the bridge quite often enough. If elected as president of the student government association, I would demand change with the administration. I would establish a committee made of seven to ten elected members of the student government association that would meet directly with administrators quite frequently over the course of a semester. The reason behind this is to allow us to work diligently and allow for feedback from the president of the university. I believe that we, as students, need to voice our concerns to the people who are making the decisions on this campus, and that is the administration. For drastic changes to be made in this organization we need to work closer with administration and focus on tangible goals that will allow the student body to enjoy their student life at Quinnipiac University.”