RAVE of the week

Matt Busekroos

During the past few episodes of ABC’s soapy family drama, “Brothers & Sisters,” Calista Flockhart has delivered a number of emotionally powerful performances as Kitty Walker. Flockhart, who is overshadowed at the awards shows in favor of her Oscar-winning co-star, Sally Field, is constantly one of the best reasons to stick with the show. In a special two-hour episode that aired earlier in the month, Kitty supports Trish (Sonja Sohn), who is having a baby for Kitty and her husband Senator Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe). As Trish is having the baby, Robert announces his plans to run for Governor and has a heart attack on the way to the hospital. Robert’s announcement for governor prompts Kitty’s anger, frustration and disappointment with her husband, who promises to put his family ahead of his career. Robert’s heart attack is a crushing blow to Kitty, who needs to balance a new baby while taking care of her rehabilitated husband. Flockhart is expressive and more than deserving of Emmy recognition this summer. Throughout the past three seasons of the show, Flockhart has completely shed her image of Ally McBeal and created another classic character in Kitty Walker.