Charity never looked so good


With makeup prices on the rise, it’s not surprising that you may feel a slight tug at your conscience and wallet as you purchase new blush or eye shadow. But what if you knew that 100 percent of the proceeds from that shimmery pink lip gloss were going directly to charity?

For one night, Motives Cosmetics, a brand offered exclusively through Market America (, teamed with Quinnipiac University’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) to help raise money for the organization’s project Café Cameroon.
“I like it. It’s a great learning experience,” Brittany Fouskas, a member of Quinnipiac’s chapter of SIFE, said of the organization.

The goal of project Café Cameroon is to raise money through selling coffee beans, which are grown in Bawa, Cameroon. 100 percent of the proceeds of this coffee go to the Bawa Health Initiative to fund the building of a health center in Bawa.

On Monday, Nov. 17, Motives came to Quinnipiac for free makeovers, makeup tips and advice. They were brought in to help out with The Bawa Initiative. All of the money made from the purchases of their lip glosses, blushes, eye shadows, brushes and makeup removers went toward the charity.
Though the Café Cameroon and Motives Cosmetic alliance was only paired for one night, they have big plans for the future. When ordering Motives Cosmetics online or in their catalogue, 20 percent of the proceeds will go toward The Jennifer Lopez Foundation. This organization is set to launch on Jan. 1, 2009, and focuses on getting less privileged women and children the healthcare they need.

With the holiday season in full swing, now you can finally stop feeling guilty about splurging on that new gel eyeliner for you or a friend and pat yourself on the back. Looking stylish never felt so charitable. Thanks to the purchases you can make through the company, Bawa is one step closer to the building of a much-needed health center.
On top of being charitable, the makeup seemed to be a popular hit with the Quinnipiac attendees at last Monday night’s free make over session. After making a donation and being applied with Motives’ lip plumper, freshman Catherine Liu said, “That felt so refreshing. I feel like I’ve just been kissed!”