WRECK of the week: Lindsay Lohan detoxifies her clothes

Nicole Fano

Lindsay Lohan can’t seem to strip away her bad habits, but she has no problem shedding her clothes.

According to TMZ reports, the train wreck celebrity will earn nearly $1 million for posing completely nude, full pictorial style, in an upcoming Playboy Magazine issue.

To clarify the extent of the nudity, TMZ reported that a classy Playboy source described Lohan’s racy spread as showing, “boobs, ass, and vag.”

There won’t be anything left to the imagination.

It’s no secret that Lohan’s career is deteriorating as fast as her good looks. After all, rehab, probation and jail stints don’t look great on an acting resume. Luckily for Lohan, Playboy’s employment standards are slightly lower and more superficial.

Lohan differs from popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Jessica Alba, who posed for Playboy to enhance their sex symbol status. Lohan lost her sex appeal two arrests ago.

At 25-years-old, it’s clear that Lohan is posing for Playboy in a desperate attempt to salvage what’s left of her career.

For Lohan’s sake, hopefully the big paycheck is a worthy exchange for her dignity. Sorry Lohan, but this pathetic Playboy stint is skanky, not sexy.