Halloween v. Mother Nature…and Myself

Sarah Rosenberg

This Halloween weekend was too reminiscent of Hurricane Irene’s reign of terror. Everyone boarded up their windows, stayed off the roads and missed extremely important birthday festivities (or was that just me?) to withstand the storm.

Now I find myself weathering a snowstorm when I am supposed to be wearing a costume into New Haven.

I am complaining mostly because it’s my senior year, and I wanted my last epic Halloween weekend as an undergraduate student. Why is it that the higher expectations you have, the more likely you are to be disappointed? I should wear the devil costume I saved for Saturday around York Hill right now because I am mad, and Mother Nature should know it.

If you went out in the snow, I give you a lot of credit. I am jealous of your bravery and boldness because nothing turns me off faster than a Toad’s skirt mixed with wind-blown snowflakes. Even though I am still bitter about the weather, I am also confused. The sun is already back out and melting the snow away. So, the festivities must continue.

When braving extreme weather conditions, you have to make a choice: either go all out with your costume, or stay inside. Bobcats tend to go all the way without forgiveness, and the snow can’t seem to ruin an epic costume.

Thus far, my favorite costume has been the “Black Swan” tribute. Who knew people could make a psychotic Natalie Portman look so good? The ladies who wore black tutus and did their eye makeup to mimic Portman’s in the film looked eerily like her.

Also, the girls who dressed up like cupcakes this weekend caught my attention. After seeing silver skirts for tin foil, cherry headbands and shirts with “hand-crafted” written on them, I started to feel a little embarrassed by the $6 I spent to be a devil. If there’s anything this Halloween taught me, it’s to get as creative as possible with your costume. Baked goods are more than just delicious treats – they are perfect holiday attire.

But, when it comes to costumes, I can’t decide where and when to draw the line. Deciding how much money is acceptable to spend on outfits is one thing, but the pressure to wear something totally original is always lingering. I thought wearing a giant red hash tag to trend party goers was ingenious, until Facebook photos proved to me that other girls beat me to the punch.

If anything, there are a few lessons I’ve learned this past “Halloweekend.” Originality is vital, the weather should come second to the best holiday of your college career, and next year I should dress up as Kim Kardashian  post-divorce. Too soon?