RAVE of the week: baby Beyoncé tweets

Ebony Walmsley

It seems Beyoncé’s baby bump is on a tweeting frenzy. “You can call me Embry-once from now on,” @BeyonceJayFetus recently tweeted.

While the unborn baby doesn’t yet have a name or a known sex, it didn’t stop the hip-hop-legend-to-be from creating a Twitter account.

Some may find it creepy that Jay and Beyoncé’s unborn child is already utilizing the crazy world of social networking, but it’s great publicity.

Not only do these tweets keep the public’s focus on the two celebrities, but they are also cute and clever. Witty tweets such as, “can we get some fro-yo” and “I’m calling my space Womb of Dereon,” offer pregnancy humor.

It was a smart move on Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s part to start the account. It allows their fans to feel closer, and be a part of this special time in the couple’s lives.

While rumors have circulated that Beyoncé’s pregnancy is a publicity stunt, giving her and critics a play-by-play that deters the pregnancy is a fake.

While rumors have circulated that the couple is faking the pregnancy for publicity, the Twitter account keeps fans in the loop.

Whether this already worshipped baby is a boy or girl, the world will be waiting patiently.

Surely, @BeyonceJayFetus will be the first to report the news.