Letter to the Editor


I would like to clear up some misconceptions that I have heard and that have been written regarding SPB’s Fall Concert of Ashanti with The Audition. As the Mainstage Chair for the Student Programming Board, I have been working on this performance since May. With the help of my fellow e-board members and the previous chair, I came up with a survey that was given to the incoming Freshmen at Orientation, and then emailed to the rest of the campus by Daniel Brown, Director of the Student Center in early June. I understand that many people do not check their QU emails over the summer, but the opportunity was presented to ALL undergraduate students to voice their opinion.
The survey results were then compiled and the top twenty acts were sent to our middle agent to get prices and availability. With 52.9 percent of the student body’s vote, Ashanti was the clear winner. She was available for the one weekend that we were cleared to have a performance, within budget, and then booked. The decision was made with much thought and consideration, and with possible Spring performances in mind.
I hate that I have to defend the actions of myself and my organization, especially since there was a chance to have informed the campus of the steps that led to the upcoming performance before now.
At the end of the day, the performance on Nov. 16 will take place regardless of who is in support of it. I can only ask that if you are truly unhappy with the decision that was made, that you make sure that your vote is heard from now on. My committee is currently working on the survey for the spring performance, and it will be ready in early December before finals and Winter Break.
I would like to extend a thank you to those of you who did voice your opinion. I can assure you that every vote counts, and I did my best to follow your wishes. Whether or not you voted, the fact still remains that this event will be one of the university’s largest on campus events, and I hope that you will all consider attending. I sought the Mainstage position because of the ability to bring the Quinnipiac University community together, and that has been my plan since the beginning.
We are all very excited to be putting together a show with an award winning artist who is just as excited to be coming to Quinnipiac University.

Amy Tedesco
Mainstage Chair – Student Programming Board