If every thought was a tweet

Sarah Rosenberg

YouTube sensation Dom Mazzetti posted a video about single girls this week featuring Barstool babe Jenna Marbles, and it was nothing short of hilarious. He says, in his clueless, New York accent, “Girls being single is a religion, and Twitter is their Bible.” No kidding. Naturally, not all girls tweet 24/7 about being single, harsh break-ups or the perks of independence, but Twitter is sort of becoming an online journal for females. I’ve become so swept up, that I barely even update my Facebook status any more—when thoughts are to be had, Twitter provides the virtual pen and paper to write them down. So, these are some twitter-themed thoughts I’ve had in the past 24 hours:

1. “Just watched @rihanna’s music video for “We Found Love.” #sexual #IsThatChrisBrown?”: The video, stylistically and artistically speaking, is wonderful. It’s passionate, and when every techno cut gets stronger, the video becomes fast-paced to encapsulate a whirlwind of sex, drugs and young rebellion. I loved it so much, I made my friends watch it, but they pointed out that her male counterpart in the video looks eerily similar to Chris Brown. After being enlightened, the sadist-masochist undertones (Chris Brown’s twin tattoos “MINE” on Rihanna’s bottom, and one can’t tell if she’s screaming from pleasure, pain or both), the shots of screaming matches in a beat-up car and her storming out on him while he’s passed out on the apartment floor allude just a little too much to Rihanna’s real-life, abusive relationship with Brown.

2. “Weather.com is telling me it’s OK to wear sandals, but the wind gusts at York Hill are screaming #uggweather. #confusedtweet:” Last Thursday, I changed my shoes four times. In less than twenty minutes, I put on sandals, Uggs and my sandals again until I finally decided on sneakers. Sneakers aren’t even stylish, but necessary when the weather is suffering from bipolar disorder. Autumn is my favorite season for all things fashion, except for shoes. You can never decide what shoes are appropriate to wear, and sometimes you have to deal with students staring at you confusedly because you mistakenly wore gladiator sandals to class at a 45-degree temperature.

3. “Should probably stop trying to do work on the upstairs ledge of ABL; my study session is turning into a personal episode of @ProjectRunway:” I can’t help it, but that ledge is my personal perch. Obviously I stare at every one walking up and down the stairs, noticing what people decide to wear (or in some really unfortunate cases, decide NOT to wear). The usual consensus is positive—Quinnipiac students have great fashion sense. There are those moments when I witness bad clothes happening to good people, but then I realize I should really shut my mouth because I wore yoga pants to class.