Female crashes car into light at York Hill

Phil Nobile

Photo by Phil Nobile/Chronicle

An unidentified female driver in a silver sedan crashed into a light fixture at York Hill at about noon on Saturday.

Police waved traffic into the open lane as they tended to the female lying on the ground outside of her car.

The driver was heading uphill when her vehicle crossed the middle lane and hit a light pole head-on, according to Miles McQuiggan, a senior who drove down the hill shortly after the accident. Her car ended up on the opposite side of the road at the sharp curve of the hill. The female’s status is unknown at this time.

“I was coming down the hill, and there was an SUV stopped in the right lane,” McQuiggan said. “I slowed down and switched lanes, at which point I saw the other car facing uphill in the left lane of the downhill side. I quickly cut back to the right lane, and somehow avoided the debris from the light post. She had to be going pretty hard around that curve to uproot the cement base of the light post.”

One hour after the incident, two-lane traffic resumed on York Hill with the debris and broken light cleared.

Hamden police and Quinnipiac security moved the car to the parking lot near the bottom of York Hill, according to junior Anthony Messina. Hamden police was unavailable for comment.

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