Exercising on campus: try the ‘other gym’

Joe Pelletier

It’s true. QU’s gym is a great place to get away from classes and homework and sweat off a few calories. But when I start hearing people grow annoyed with the number of machines and how the gym grows crowded at certain times, I think to myself, “Why don’t they just go to the other gym?”
Nature’s gym, of course. And it’s conveniently located just outside your dorm room.

No membership or fee is necessary for this gym, it’s spacious, and it carries a near endless supply of fresh air. And, as an added plus, that sweaty smell that lurks in most gyms dissipates like my motivation to run. Quite quickly.

Nature’s gym is most known for its infrequent use, which is surprising because of its wondrous exercise equipment. It is one of the few gyms around to actually have a mountain; which can work nearly all muscle categories with little stress. And no need to worry about setting up a time in advance–Sleeping Giant is available anytime.

Nature’s gym also carries a track known to many as simply “the ground,” and coupled with a ball of sorts, a myriad of athletic activities and sports can be played.
Hours are fairly flexible at nature’s gym, so there’s no need to worry about timing issues. In fact, nature’s gym is open all weekend and even on holidays.

Here’s a best-kept secret for you all who sometimes grow a little upset with QU’s gym issues. Use the other gym. As long as you throw away your trash, you’re a lifetime member.