From Your Student Government Office


To the Quinnipiac Student,
The Student Government Association, by its most basic definition, is formed with the purpose of hearing the student opinion and advancing the student voice. To achieve this end, the Government must be transparent and available to all students. The Government is comprised of 36 students elected from each of the four undergraduate classes. An additional five students are voted on and elected by the entire student population at large to serve as the executive board. All members are elected by the students; to serve on behalf of the students.
With that in mind, if there is ever an issue, debate, or question that concerns the entire student body or any individual student, the Student Government exists to attempt to resolve such concerns in the best possible manner for all students of the Quinnipiac University Community. Our meetings are every Wednesday at 4:15p.m. in SC 207; you are more than welcome to attend. The five committees and four class cabinets of the Government meet weekly and are also open to any other member of the Quinnipiac community. My door, SC 212, in the Student Government Office, is always open.
We cannot approach any issues of student body by bickering back and forth over outcomes. Instead we must work together to reach the goal that is best for the entire student body. If you have a comment, suggestion or concern attend any of your weekly student government meetings or at very least, come and knock on my door.
Thank you, and as always,

Live the Legend,
Sean Geary