Letter: A special night for 9/11 ceremony participant

The QU Chronicle

Tonight I experienced one of the most moving and special nights of my life. For the past three years, I have been closely involved with the Sept. 11 memorial event here at QU through the QU College Republicans. Tonight’s ceremony blew away the past with the great turnout, wonderful speakers, and of course, the 2,977 flags on the Quad. There had never been this many students at the ceremony in my time here at QU; we usually experienced around 100 each year, however this year was astonishing.

I would love to express my thanks to the whole community who made this event possible, especially David Ives, who coordinated the event and made sure it was a great experience. Greek life had a strong showing, which meant a lot, the baseball team came to the reading of the victims’s names in the morning, the whole community really showed up for this monumental event.

Being the 10th anniversary there was obviously more publicity regarding this event than in the past, but I hope next year everyone finds a way back to the Quad on Sept. 11 for what I am sure will be another special night.

John Steinberg
Chairman Quinnipiac College Republicans