To betch or not to betch?

Sarah Rosenberg

Have you ever heard of a “betch?” This term seems to spring up from the female version of the college “bro,” the stereotypical “Mean Girl” who wears pink on Mondays, or the fabulous college girl who isn’t just simply a b—h, but a fashion-forward, street smart and popular “betch.” According to the blog-styled website “Betches Love This Site,” there’s a difference between being just downright mean, and being mean while going to the most raging parties, having the best-looking dates, and making pill-popping a form of tasteful dieting.

But, before I say anything further, this site makes a concise legal statement at the bottom of its page saying, “All content on Betches Love This Site is intended for entertainment purposes only. It is neither meant to be interpreted as the truth, nor based in reality.”

In that case, I suppose it’s safe to assume that the site’s advice of taking Adderall to suppress hunger and insisting that there is an art to dressing provocatively is a mockery of the college female lifestyle portrayed in movies and media.

The point of this site is to provide humor, obviously, but there is always that one girl who will take what’s written on a blog such as this very seriously. The pressure to lose weight, have sex, feel attractive and be the life of the party will always have its weight in the back of every young female’s mind.

It’s just up to the female reader to know that all of these things aforementioned are a matter of the individual. Only you know your body, what you’re comfortable with, what you like, and who you are, so make sure not to let anything, such as a website, drastically alter that.

With that said, this website holds some truth to how females think and act. For one, I laughed a bit myself when reading #22 on the “Betch List.” Known as the “Group Photog,” this is the girl who is responsible for taking the weekend photos, and she has the heavy responsibility of posting those photos onto Facebook before her fellow betches get a bit too antsy. Guilty as charged.

The betch also uses iced coffee as an “accessory” during those warm months, and I can agree that holding a Dunkin’ Donuts cup is a common sight to behold around our own campus.

Maybe there is some truth to being a betch, and I can laugh at this site’s need to coin the phrase “ugly hot” as a way to describe the males we can’t justify our attraction for (i.e., Russell Brand). However, after reading how to effectually dismiss food and find ways to con my doctor into prescribing me prescription pills, I have to take a small step back.