What’s on your YouTube?: The Whitest Kids U’ Know

DJ Bernat

The Whitest Kids, who just have just been signed on for the second season of their critically acclaimed show on the Independent Film Channel, perform a brand of eccentric sketch comedy that is most comparable to The Kids In the Hall, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The State.

Some of their best sketches include the self explanatory “Gallon of PCP” (“I didn’t even know it came in liquid form”) and “Space Potatoes” features an astronaut on a launching pad attempting to make chocolate milk and eat candy, much to the chagrin of his fellow astronauts hanging below him who have to deal with the aftermath. “Tattoo Parlor” features an intoxicated man getting quite possibly the worst tattoo of all time; The tattoo features, among other things, Bowser (of Super Mario Bros.) playing a double neck guitar while surfing.

“What Really Happened To Abe Lincoln” proposes that the real reason for Abe Lincoln’s assassination was his constant taunting of fellow audience member John Wilkes Booth during a performance of an alternate version of Hamlet featuring vampires and, for some reason, a character named Othello. The seemingly drunk (and incredibly obnoxious) Lincoln is then beat to death with a hammer by the irate Wilkes Booth.