Hurricane Irene update

Phil Nobile

Despite the havoc that Hurricane Irene wreaked on most of the New England area this past weekend, Quinnipiac remained relatively unscathed, with little reported damage across all three campuses.

“We were very fortunate,” said John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations. “I think a lot of it had to do with the facilities team planning ahead of time.”

While across the entire town of Hamden some are still facing severe power outages, the North Haven and Mount Carmel campuses were running on full power as of Monday, while York Hill remains on a generator. Across each campus, a handful of capsized brush and trees have been found, but no significant damage to any buildings or individuals has been reported as of publication time.

The Pine Grove, the pathways between the Carl Hansen Student Center and the College of Arts and Sciences, was originally closed Sunday due to fallen trees, but opened just in time for the start of classes Monday.

“We were able to examine the problem and look ahead,” Morgan said. “We prepared by having an emergency team that represented a good part of campus.”

Students living in off-campus, university-owned houses who have been without power as a result of Irene have been given the option of temporary housing on the York Hill campus until power is restored, according to an email sent out by Dennis Lue Yat, residence hall director of the Crescent residence hall at York Hill.

“I’ve packed a night bag and showered at York Hill Sunday, and also had to shower at the locker rooms Monday and Tuesday,” said Andrew Ciaravino, a Quinnipiac senior. “No Internet really affected my classes because I can’t look at my syllabus, and I need to stay on campus to get any work done.”