Fashion vs. Hurricane Irene

Sarah Rosenberg

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, and of course, word of mouth, some interesting names were thrown around this week to describe the elusive, imaginary female hurricane named Irene. She may not have been a woman in the literal sense of the word, but she certainly had the power of one — and an immense physical presence to boot.

This past weekend Hurricane Irene inevitably caught some criticism, and became the target of hateful words from wrathful East Coasters. And rightfully so. The threat of damage to property, electricity and human life will always throw people into a tizzy, but really, all danger aside, rain in general is just not something any human being likes to endure.

So, if you were one of the brave souls who stood up to that [insert bitter adjective here] hurricane, I hope you did so in a cute fashion. Of course this may have been difficult to do so if you were without power and forced to get dressed in the dark (obviously, you’ve shoved everything into the back of your closet the one day you’re living like it’s pre-Revolutionary America).

Despite the weather, people have places to go and people to see. My sister, as talented as she may be when it comes to operating a car, had to push her fears of driving through an oncoming tropical storm aside and attend her best friend’s engagement party. Besides the appeal of delicious free food and champagne toasts, should you let a dear friend down because some protégé of Mother Nature thinks she’s boss? Surely, not. You could even so it in such style—my sister rocked red pumps through the puddles and the onset of a potentially dangerous storm. Now, that’s a true slave to fashion.

However, for the more practical brave souls out there, a raincoat and a pair of Wellies will just have to suffice. If you don’t have a raincoat by now, drop everything now and go buy one. It took me two years as a college student to learn its value. Luckily for us Bobcats, Hamden caters to our economic needs, and shops such as Target, Marshall’s, and Kohl’s make shopping for necessities simple and stress-free.

If you’re anything like me, then you despise spending a large quantity on an item you’re only wearing when the weather is nasty and your hair is equally problematic. That wad of cash is for shoes.

For approximately $30 at Target, one can purchase raincoats in yellow, navy, or white polka dot prints and various floral prints. For rain boots, I would ultimately recommend Marshall’s. It’s always good to have a sturdy shoe, and Marshall’s provides a well-made, sometimes designer shoe that fits a budget.

Whether it’s simply drizzling or there’s an intense hurricane making its way through your state, the whole point of dressing appropriately is to look classy while staying dry, unlike some raging “females” we’ve come to know.