What’s on your YouTube?

Steve Nicastro

If you think American TV prank shows are crazy, you’ve obviously never been to Japan. “Japanese Spa Prank” takes ordinary Japanese civilians and turns them upside down on their butts. Literally. The victims of these sadistic pranks are relaxing in what they think is a normal spa at a ski resort during winter. They sit naked in their towels and some even drink tea. The poor people have no idea what is about to happen to them: the leather seat they are sitting in is rigged to fling them upside down and outside into the freezing weather! Throwing naked people unexpectedly into sub zero temperatures is funny. After watching this video and several other Japanese prank videos, I think it’s safe to call the Japanese official prank masters of the world. It’s a shame that here in the U.S. people can’t pull of pranks like this. It’s messed up, of course, but good pranks always are. Just make sure you watch towards the end.

If you like these pranks, search for “Human Tetris” and watch the hilarity ensue as contestents attempt to shape their bodies into impossible forms.