Celebrity fashion faux pas

Sarah Rosenberg

Sometimes, when I see a celebrity making a total fool of themselves in an outfit, I relish the realization that even superstars make mistakes. Even with all that money to spend on stylists and designer clothes, they still get photographed looking as if their electricity went out and their mirrors were smashed before they could get dressed.

First off, I would like to acknowledge Rihanna’s hair. I know this doesn’t exactly encompass “fashion,” per se, but the singer is definitely not rocking the red hair for her health. I first saw her debut the shade in Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie,” and it garnered a “REALLY, RIHANNA?” reaction. The look is starting to get old. Obviously, her finger-paint-red hue is fitting for a cartoon character, but I am not so sure it has a place in reality. I appreciate Rihanna’s natural look a lot more: a dark pixie cut and earthy makeup.

Recently, after checking out a fashion blog dedicated to critiquing poor celebrity fashion (gofugyourself.com, which is guaranteed to make you laugh), I saw a picture of Eva Longoria committing a fashion sin. Not only was she wearing cropped shorts with a blazer (ahem, boring), but it was all navy, even her peep-toe heels. I’m also pretty sure her eyeshadow was blue, and that just makes me cringe. The only color that ever actually looks decent when you wear it as a uniform is black, and every girl knows this. Even then, I am inclined to wear a statement necklace or a pair of earrings that add a little color to my outfit. But all navy? After mulling over the photograph, I started to envision a more risqué school girl, train conductor, or pep-band flute-player.

Lastly, let’s not forget Taylor Momsen’s scary affinity for gothic-wear. Unfortunately, it’s not just gothic-wear, but inappropriate gothic-wear. I’ve ranted about Momsen’s fashion and lifestyle before, and I suppose it’s because it baffles me. I think she is stunning, but she’s on a Courtney Love path. I don’t understand why she cakes her eyes with black makeup, wears corsets, and struts around in heels that may be considered weapons in several states. I know she’s a dark, twisted artist and all, but I feel uncomfortable with her fashion choices simply because she is unbelievably young. I mean, by the time she hits 21 she may be wearing Saran Wrap lingerie. I commend the young artist for trying to form her own personal style, but I just don’t find velvet booty skirts to be very attractive.

I know that it isn’t very nice to mock the way other people dress, especially since I probably walk down Tator Hall looking like a bum three days a week, but do celebrities really feel confident in their outfits every day? I’m sure Rihanna is pretty obsessed with her fiery hairstyle, but did Eva Longoria really think wearing head-to-toe navy was a good idea? Luckily for them, celebrities can literally afford to make mistakes, which is a luxury we would all probably love to have.