The ultimate Quinnipiac bucket list

The QU Chronicle

Hike the Giant:

While you most likely did it with your orientation group, your QU class, and your friends, the view is amazing and well worth the climb!

Go to Toad’s Place:

Riding the shuttle is half the fun and once you can’t push your way through Toad’s any longer, Yorkside Pizza is calling your name! By senior year, on Sunday mornings you find yourself saying “I’m so done with Toad’s,” but when next Saturday rolls around you find yourself back in the same old shuttle line!

Ride the Shuttle with Maxine:

By far the best-known shuttle driver, she may run down a few people but you definitely will get to where you are going fast! She may even start singing along to the blaring music. Maxine is pure entertainment.

Talk to Java John:

The main man of Café Q, John is always ready to have a chat. Whether there is one person in line or 20, John talks to every person and somehow remembers a random fact about them. If this guy doesn’t brighten your day I don’t know what does.

Ride the Bobcat:

While we all appreciate the million dollar donation, the midnight adventure of climbing the bobcat is a must … picture evidence necessary.

Get your computer reimaged:

Even if the problem is the hard drive or the motherboard and you have to call Dell, don’t worry; the help desk will make sure it gets reimaged multiple times under all circumstances.

Wonder what exactly is in that “creek”:

There’s definitely a lot of tennis balls in there, but the water is so brown that you just can’t see them. When it floods, air mattress floats are definitely an option.

Fall asleep in the comfy library chair … I swear I was studying:

Two tests tomorrow and an all-nighter ahead of you, the brown leather chairs are calling your name. It wouldn’t be that bad if you took a nap. At least you aren’t one of the people that are so obvious they bring a blanket!

Attend the QU-Yale hockey game:

Selling out in about 3 minutes this year, the Quinnipiac vs. Yale hockey game is one of the biggest sports events year after year. Whether we win or lose, we definitely have the most school spirit! The Yale students were in the library studying for finals … in February.

Lose your Q-card … at least twice:

No matter how hard you try, your Q-card just cannot make it through all four years. Whether you leave it in New Haven or just lose it in your room, there is no way you graduate with a “1” on the back of your card. And the lucky ones that do, you still have that awkward freshman year picture to look back at.

Honorable Mentions (in case you stay for a fifth year):

-Forget that the Quad is grass; lay out like it’s the beach!

-Realize they call it the “RAT” for a reason.

-Run out of your meal plan … two months into the semester.

-No matter how much you resist, invest in your first pair of rainboots, and love them.

Class of 2011 hope you have done it all!

-Alyssa Jann