Cloutier will be next student body president

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Benjamin Cloutier, a sophomore, will become Quinnipiac’s next student body president, defeating junior Andrew McDermott in today’s election.

This year’s Vice President of Student Concerns Nicholas Rossetti praised all the candidates for their campaign efforts.

“Congratulations should be given to all of those elected and to those who were not, the candidates made sure that this year’s fall election was a fierce race,” Rossetti said.

Executive Board results:

Student Body President:
Benjamin Cloutier (1274 votes)
Andrew McDermott (926)

Vice President of Student Concerns:
Vincent Bond (1995)
Abstain (248)

Vice President of Programming (President, SPB):
Lauren Enea (1059)
Victoria Adler (609)
Vinny Simone (411)
Abstain (164)

Vice President of Finance:
Erik Cote (1062)
Saba Shahid (869)
Abstain (284)

Vice President of Public Relations:
Kaite Lovett (1994)
Abstain (245)

Senior Class President:
Emily Sarnoff (420)
Abstain (55)

Senior Class Vice President:
Dan Scott (392)
Abstain (74)

Senior Class Representatives:
Andrew McDermott (322)
Tom Galo (289)
Sherdale Hendrickson (242)
Victoria Adler (187)
Vinny Simone (177)
John Scholl (159

Junior Class President:
Andrea Rogers (350)
Ben Mills (161)
Abstain (72)

Junior Class Vice President:
Catie Tobin (513)
Abstain (70)

Junior Class Representatives:
Heidi Hitchen (315)
Saba Shahid (244)
Steve Ducos (220)
Brandon Bell (181)
Ryan Jean-Joseph (176)
Camilla Gomes

Sophomore Class President:
Matt Desilets (291)
Evan Milas (256)

Sophomore Class Vice President:
Marissa Harper (205)
Mike Diakakis (170)

Sophomore Class Representatives:
Evan Milas (434)
Elisha Dorsey (383)
Lauren Yaconis (350)
Mike Dikakis (347)
Theo Siggelakis (347)
Caitlin Gallagher (342)
Julianna Besharat (326)

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