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    Getting fit for Spring Break

    It always seems like there is never any time to work-out. However, people can stay fit by doing simple things that they may not even realize.

    Saying no to the fries, milkshakes or candy can be hard but it’s the first step to dropping a few pounds. Fighting the temptations will be worth it in the end.

    The foods to avoid are those containing high fat and saturated fats and also fried food. Saturated fats, in particular, can increase the amount of cholesterol that is produced in your liver and in your blood. High levels of cholesterol in your blood can lead to heart disease.

    “Fruits are an easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth and they are also healthy for you,” sophomore Lindsay Shevelow said. “I also feel better about snacking on healthy foods as opposed to junk because I know how good they are for me”.

    Another thing that will easily keep you healthier is cutting out the late night snacks. A lot of college students can relate to being up late doing homework then getting hungry and eating the first thing in sight. Instead of snacking on junk, eat a yogurt or a nutri-grain bar, which will fill you up as much as junk food.

    The key to eating healthy is realizing that you can still eat delicious food and be healthy about it. Carrot sticks, sparkling water and sunflower seeds are other healthy options that will satisfy a lot of those late night cravings.

    However, it is known that eating is not the only way to stay healthy. Exercising is another key part to staying fit. For college students, if you can not make it to the gym there are plenty of things to do in your own dorm room.

    “I do sit-ups, push-ups, wall sits and sometimes I even do an exercise video,” sophomore Kim Shore said. “I also run up and down the stairs with weights on my legs.”

    Some other easy exercises to get the blood flowing is jumping rope for five minutes. This can be done with a friend by making it into a fun activity.

    Although doing work-outs in the dorm are very useful, going to the gym is good too. Do not get into the habit of using bad weather as an excuse not to go to the gym. Fight the temptation to stay home and push yourself to get out there.

    It is important to remember that working out does not have to be strenuous or involve a lot of effort. People can easily stay fit by having fun or relaxing.

    “I love to play tennis on a regular basis with friends. So not only am I getting some exercise but I’m hanging out with my friends,” said sophomore Carly Cauceglia. “I also like to take walks when I do not feel like going to the gym. It calms me down and relieves stress.”

    Some other activities that are enjoyable include skating, cycling, riding, dancing and doing yoga. All of these can be done alone or with a group of people, making it fun and exciting.

    Another key thing about staying fit is to make a schedule for yourself. Making these things a part of your daily schedule will force them to become like a second nature.

    Though it may seem like you have no time to work out, in reality you probably work out everyday without even knowing it.

    Working out is not a burden and it is one of the easiest things to fit into your schedule.

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