Beardo was a weirdo

Nicole Fano

According to Facebook, 4,312 people like rap/punk rocker Beardo. Most likely none of those people are the Quinnipiac students who saw Beardo open for Ke$ha on Saturday at TD Bank Sports Center.

Though Beardo didn’t live up to his name in terms of facial hair, he made up for it by sporting a mullet of uncontrollable curls and an outdated jacket that completed his 80s inspired style.

While most students could name at least five of Ke$ha’s songs off the top of their heads, many spring concert attendees had never even heard of the one-man band who created his own drums, bass and guitar arrangements onstage.

Beardo performed several of his unknown songs such as “On the Run,” “American Anthem,” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

Junior Shannon Fitzmaurice was on the floor during the concert, but she didn’t enjoy her front-and-center view of Beardo’s performance.

“I thought his opening act was a joke, like when he came out by himself I was expecting a band to follow him and then he just started playing songs off his laptop,” Fitzmaurice said. “On the floor there was a Ke$ha chant going on during his last song, so I think we were all restless for her to start.”

“Beardo the Trailer Park Hero,” as Ke$ha referred to him, has been touring with the pop star on her “Get $leazy Tour” since Feb. 15.

“Ke$ha’s my girl. I’ve been touring with her for the last two months,” Beardo said to the crowd. “I love Ke$ha.”

Luckily for the 1980s wannabe rock star, the audience was so pumped for “Ke Dollar Sign Ha” that Beardo was welcomed by the crowd.

According to Fitzmaurice, in between acts Beardo interacted with students on the floor by signing autographs and taking pictures.

“Someone next to me was feeling faint, so he gave her his water and wanted to make sure she was feeling okay,” Fitzmaurice said. “So he is a nice guy, I just didn’t really enjoy his opening act.”