SGA elections will be a changing of the guard

Joe Pelletier

Seven hundred and thirty-five days ago, I called Louis Venturelli immediately after I learned that he won the election for student body president.

We were both sophomores then. I was the young reporter, and he was the young politican. I still remember the excitement in his voice.

“Really, I’m still in shock,” he said. “I’m so proud to be student body president, and I’m definitely looking forward to the future.”

Two years later, and Venturelli is still the big man on campus. But not for long. The kind, well-received president will graduate from Quinnipiac, and move onto bigger and better things. (You want an example of how well-liked this guy is? His Facebook status of “Will be attending Teachers College at Columbia University for grad school! HELLO NYC!!!” earned 158 likes.)

But there will be a new face for student government once Venturelli is off to Columbia.

Andrew McDermott, the spirited and motivated junior who wreaks havoc on opponents’ free throw percentage during the basketball season, threw his wig into the ring.

Sophomore Benjamin Cloutier will be his opponent. Cloutier spearheaded the late-night Bobcat Den campaign and is currently pushing for a coffee machine in the Arnold Bernhard Library.

Cloutier has history on his side–the last two student body presidents (Venturelli and Sean Geary, who graduated in 2009) held the position for two years after winning the election in their sophomore year.

McDermott is more of a household Quinnipiac name. His work in SGA, Residence Hall Council, Quinnipiac admissions as a tour guide, and the student center’s leadership program has earned him a great deal of loyalty.

The Chronicle will not endorse one candidate or the other. I suspect that each student will bring something new and exciting to student government. But they certainly have something to live up to. In my four years, I’ve seen SGA transform into a more transparent, more engaging organization for the student body. Best of luck to both candidates.