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    Dear Alicia

    “My friends are all going on spring break together, and I can’t afford to go. I am totally bummed. Not only will I be left out of this important bonding experience, I’m afraid that I will feel left out when they return. Do you have any suggestions?”

    From Spring Break broke


    Dear Spring Break broke,

    I know it must be depressing that you can’t go on spring break with your friends, but try to make the best of it.

    You can not continue to think about what you will be missing or how you will be left out. They are your friends and probably want you to be on spring break with them as much as you want to go.

    Remember that only you can make yourself feel left out. They are going to be so excited when they come home that that they will continue to talk about the trip for the next month.

    Try to immerse yourself into their fun. Have the spring break bonding experience with them when they return. Ask them questions, laugh with them and look at pictures with them. They will probably be more excited to tell their stories to you because you weren’t there with them.

    It might become a bit frustrating that they continue to talk about their amazing trip, but try to have patience. Do not distance yourself from them because that is what will make you feel left out.

    Some days you might just not want to listen to the same story about their banana boat experience and that is fine, but make sure you don’t take their fun away. That is only going to make them not want to include you because you will be sort of a downer for them.

    Believe me, they wanted you there and it wasn’t their fault that you could not go. Yes have patience, but don’t let them go overboard.

    It is fun to reminisce about spring break, but if you start hearing the same stories for the third time, maybe you should tell them that it is getting a bit out of hand.

    Explain to them that you loved all their stories and their pictures, but it just sucks that you weren’t able to go and you wish that sometimes other topics could be talked about.

    Also, let them know that you definitely want to go somewhere different for next year’s spring break.

    Maybe it will get them thinking about all the fun they will have once again on spring break and this time, one of their best friends won’t be missing out!

    Try finding a part time job now so you can start saving some money for the vacation.

    I know it is hard having a job and dealing with classes and extra curricular activities, but believe me, it will be worth it. Then you won’t have this feeling next year when spring break comes around.

    Please do not worry. They are your friends and I bet they will completely understand if you don’t want to talk about spring break for the next three months, but do remember, it wasn’t there fault, so don’t be rude.

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