Rap/punk rocker Beardo will open for Ke$ha [Video]

Daniella Appolonia

Things are about to get hairy at Quinnipiac’s “Wake the Giant” concert as Beardo joins “The Get $leazy Tour,” SPB Mainstage Chair Jamie Kloss confirmed today.

“Beardo is the name of a singer/songwriter based out of California,” says Urban Dictionary. “His musical compositions are generally about low-life’s, destroying the government, or making life a party.”

And that’s exactly what students will experience when Shoot to Kill Music’s Beardo opens for Ke$ha on April 2.

The Harlem-born rap/punk artist is a one-man band, singing his own vocals and playing guitar, bass and the drums.

One of Beardo’s well-known songs is “John Lennon.” (Listen below) Among a music video with guns and images of the former Beatle, Beardo sings, “John Lennon got shot. That’s what happens when you talk. Bob Marley is dead. They put a tumor in his head.”

Listen in to Beardo’s “John Lennon”:

Or the less grave “24 Hour Party”: