Running Club kicks off new year

Marisa Koraus

In almost every town and on every college campus one can see a person running along a sidewalk with a pair of headphones on. Because of busy schedules or a lack of jogging companions, people often run and exercise alone.
At Quinnipiac University, Shawn Green is trying to gather those students who have the desire to run. He is, in essence, enabling them to do what they like in a lax manner in a club called The Running Club.
Green, the director of men’s and women’s cross country and track at Quinnipiac, has had an extensive history as a runner. He has participated on the cross country and track teams for both the University of New Hampshire and Michigan State University. Furthermore, Green has worked as an assistant running coach at Georgia State University.
“There was a need for a club to exist where people could get together and run in a relaxed atmosphere,” said Green.
“Some people find it boring to run alone. Through the club, we try to get people to meet and find a common time when they can run together,” he continued.
During the first 15 minutes of the meetings, Green addresses the members with training tips and different approaches to take regarding running. He also provides the participants with information about various races that they might want to take part in.
The meetings then become open for the members own intentions.
“The goal of the club is to get more people running whenever their schedules permit. The club ranges from staff members and students, to people who have never run before and other people who used to be college runners,” said Green.
“We have just started and are looking for people. The club is open to runners of all levels and ages,” he continued.
The Running Club meets once a month on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. in room 215 of the Athletics Center. The next meeting will take place on Tues., Nov. 13.
For more information contact Shawn Green at x5314 or at [email protected]