Some big changes, but the same ‘American Idol’

Michelle Gearrity

Season 10 of “American Idol” is underway, and even with many changes it is still Americans’ favorite entertainment show on television.

With new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, the show has a different dynamic than previous seasons. Loyal fans feared that without Simon Cowell’s accurate (yet harsh) comments, the show would be lost. But Lopez and Tyler bring a new vibe to the show.

Tyler won over the audience with his wacky sense of humor and exquisite charm. J.Lo could even be the new Paula Abdul, finding something positive to say about each contestant.

Veteran judge Randy Jackson now takes on the more critical role, telling the contestants how it really is. Somehow all three work together to create a unique chemistry.

Stephanie Walls, a sophomore and long time fan of “American Idol” is content with the trio.

“The new judges have more compassion for contestants, which is clear by the increased number of golden tickets handed out compared to past seasons,” Walls said.

Other changes made to the show include the age limit being lowered to 15, allowing younger stars to share their talent. Also, the show has ended the idea of having a set number of guys and girls in the final 24 contestants.

So far in the competition, country singer Scott McCreery, Brett Loewenstern, and dance teacher Tiffany Rios seem to be among the favorites.

Quinnipiac sophomore Erica Salny believes that 15-year-old Lauren Alaina is the next American Idol.

“She has the voice, the personality, and the story behind it to go all the way,” Salny said.

It is only a few episodes into the season and already Lopez, Tyler and many talented contestants, have won over the audience with moving stories. Now it is up to the judges and American voters to decide who will become the next “American Idol.”