7 Valentine’s Day Don’ts

The QU Chronicle


Don’t set your expectations too high, the boys are human too.

-from your Opinion Editor, Julia Bucchianeri

Don’t tell your boyfriend he doesn’t have to get you anything because we all know you don’t mean it.

-from your Design Editor, Michele Snow

Don’t flaunt your relationship in front of everyone around you. Not everyone likes Valentine’s Day as much as you do. Also, go easy on the P.D.A!

-from your Associate A&E Editor, Nicole Fano

Don’t get wasted on dessert wine, it’s not sexy.

-from your Head Copy Editor, Jamie Hill


Don’t do anything special. Why should there be one day when you are nice to each other? If you like each other, you should always be nice to one another. Your relationship shouldn’t need a designated day for both of you to be happy.

-from your Sports Editor, Robin Schuppert

Don’t flirt with other girls to make your girlfriend jealous. You could make her cry, and then she won’t be able to stop crying because she’ll start crying about the fact that she’s crying on Valentine’s Day.

-from your Managing Editor, Lenny Neslin

Don’t eat any of the chocolate in the box before you give it to your sweetheart. Unless you’re alone, then devour away.

-from your Managing Editor, Matt Busekroos