Student invents `Chuck E’ Cheese on Wheels’

What can $300 and a creative imagination get you? Ask Chris Azoff, a senior management major from Greenwich, CT, who created the first Chuck E Cheese on wheels.
Azoff actually came up with the idea by accident. He had initially planned on filling an entire room in his Avalon walk apartment with plastic balls, wanting to recreate the ball pit that many of us once enjoyed as children at places like Chuck E Cheese and McDonalds. He left the boxes of colorful balls that he had purchased for $300 in the back of his Mammoth 1988 Chevy Suburban. Later that day, when Azoff gave his friend a ride to school, his friend decided to open a box and see what was inside. A few balls spilled into the back seat, and Azoff decided to empty all 500 balls into the back of his Suburban, and bring joy to people’s lives by giving them a ride in his mobile playhouse.
“It isn’t only fun for my guests, but it’s fun for me to drive while people are playing with my balls [in the back of the car],” said Azoff.
Azoff is more than happy to give anyone who is interested a ride in his Chuck E Cheese on wheels, and he encouraged people to keep and eye out for his bug red Suburban with a white stripe.
“All are welcome to play,” said Azoff. “I just have two rules – no throwing balls, and have fun.”