Many questions, few answers caused by `Friends’ premiere

As we begin the fall season of 2001 and start our normal routines once again, television is also beginning its new year. Many people’s favorite shows are having their season premieres. By far the most watched television show for Quinnipiac students is Friends, and the big question on all viewers’ minds right now is who is the father of Rachel’s baby?
The majority of QU students felt it was either Joey or Ross, with Ross at about 70%, Joey at 25%, while Tag and other random guys were at 3% and 2% of the votes.
Actually the real question is, when are we going to find out? We’ve all waited about three months to see the premiere, and as we sat on the edge of our seats hoping to find out, the only piece of information we received was that indeed Rachel is pregnant.
“Tell me something I don’t know?” said one viewer. “It was obvious she was pregnant in last year’s finale.”
“I think its Joey, because they live together, and I think all the Friends are all sexually connected somehow,” said Courtney Metsch, another QU student.
Then there was the controversy of Phoebe. Was it right of her to lie to Rachel about the pregnancy test in the bathroom? One student felt it was “typical of Phoebe” while others thought it was extremely mean. Most students agreed that if they were in Phoebe’s situation, they would never lie to their friend and put them through such confusion. On the positive side, however, Rachel did figure out how she really felt about the baby.
So, all went well for Rachel and her two best friends, but as for us viewers, we will just have to wait. Will it be tonight, or do we have to wait until the end of this season to find the answer?