Tight Bro’s from way back when

Mike Schoeck

Within the indie spectrum of the Northwest hails the raucous 70’s-style charging rock of the Tight Bro’s From Way Back When. The quintet bashes out pure rock reminiscent of early AC/DC, Ted Nugent, and Kiss meeting The Stooges and MC5 for a first handshake. “Lend You A Hand” is the band’s second album, released in September on the Kill Rock Stars label.
The return to rock is now. With punk and indie bands making a curbing rise again from the oblivion of underground ranks, the Tight Bro’s fit well with the many acts gaining college radio airplay with extensive touring. Their appearance with label and tour mates Cherry Valence, C Average and Slumber Party at the annual CMJ Marathon Showcase was cancelled this past month in the wake of the national tragedy.
Most noticeably the connection with early pre-punk acts is established with two thorough covers of Joe Tex’s “Show Me” and the Animals’ “Inside Looking Out.” The latter is equally punched with classic rock drawing from the harmonica-blues flare of seminal bands like Grand Funk Railroad and Led Zeppelin.
Wailing singer Jared Warren whispers into a howl “Can you hear my love / It’s getting louder” during Eric Burdon’s bridge. The singer can sufficiently maintain his voice without shrieking and keeps to the likes of Ted Nugent, the late Bon Scott, and even more recent rock fronters like The Cult’s Ian Astbury and Buckcherry’s Josh Todd.
“Lend You A Hand” is a better sophomore effort with the band effort and energy kicked up a notch. Jared’s howls and wails are linked well with the twin guitar onslaught of Dave and Quitty. “Nose In The Corner” and “Make It A Habit” are two avid part indie jam-packed classic rock guitar tracks.
The indie rock aesthetic, image and appeal does not tire with the bulk of current bands on Kill Rock Stars’ label. “Lend A Hand” stars to veer into redundancy in sound towards the middle, but the Tight Bro’s still last in consistency. With sturdy handfuls of monster rock cuts much in the tradition of Bon Scott’s early band, the Tight Bro’s continue to rock with the likes of other classic rock friendly indie-punk bands.

Grade: B+