LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Yes, we can’t forget, but our efforts were not misguided

The QU Chronicle

Dear Joe Pelletier (Editor-in-chief),

While I appreciate your opinion and thank you for providing publicity toward our event, I whole heartedly disagree that our efforts were misguided. You are right about a few things however, we certainly cannot forget about the Montgomery bus boycott and we should honor and thank them. As one of the participates standing out in the cold giving out hot chocolate and support buttons, I felt truly humbled being able to express my gratitude. You also failed to mention the strong sense of community that was developed amongst the 1955 Montgomery bus boycotters. The sense of community that I witnessed today and that Quinnipiac University prides itself on. As Quinnipiac students happily accepted the much needed hot chocolate and wore their support buttons with pride, I didn’t feel misguided I felt proud. In life people can easily make inaccurate judgment calls sitting from the side lines, perhaps next time you should put yourself in the game in order to make an accurate assessment.


Adam A. Bernard

Class of 2011

Finance Major

BSU Parliamentarian