Parent’s Weekend brings students and families together for a weekend of fun

Karen Grennan

The annual “Parent’s and Families Weekend” took place this past weekend. Parents and relatives came to visit their children, whether it was their child’s first year at Quinnipiac or their last.
“Even though it’s my last year here at Quinnipiac, my parents still come to parent’s weekend,” said Mike Handley, a senior finance major. “They really like the excuse to come see me, and I don’t mind because by the time the weekend’s over, I have a ton of food and some money in my wallet.”
Linda Perillo, a junior business major, said, “I’m from New Hampshire, so it’s a good four hour drive from home to Quinnipiac. I really look forward to this special weekend becasue my parents stay in a hotel nearby for the whole weekend, and there are plenty of activities designed for families to do.”
The activities ranged from showings of the movie “Legally Blonde” in Buckman Theater, religious services, to the organizational food fair in the quad with the tutition raffle and reception at the Alumni House. Check out the pictures below from the weekend!