Judy Villa: The backbone of the learning center

Where do you think we find the tutors for the Learning Center?
Do they fall from the sky? Do they just appear out of thin air? If that were the case, Judy Villa would be out of a job. After all, hiring, training, supervising and evaluating the tutors in the Learning Center is part of her profession.
Villa also runs various workshops for students on computer programs, research papers, taking exams, etc. She offers one-on-one counseling, classroom presentations, and tips on time and stress management.
“The Learning Center allows kids to vent,” said Villa. “It’s also a place where undergrads, grads and faculty can come for a variety of learning support.”
Villa had a hunch that she would excel at tutoring. “People always came to me for help,” said the “Go to” Lady of the Learning Center. “I’ve always been a teachery type of person.”
Villa believes that she is a good tutor because she understands what students are going through. “I have lived through a lot of the things that kids have experienced,” said Villa. “I really feel it when they come to me with a problem because I’ve been there too.” That’s why when a student comes to her with a problem, she emphasizes the normality of having a weakness in a subject .
“You have to be strong enough to allow your self esteem to realize that you’re not perfect,” said Villa.
Graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in English and a minor in Education, she went on to receive her master’s degree at Southern Connecticut State University. She taught high school and came to Quinnipiac. So far she has taught Freshmen Composition, English 101 and 102, and a business English class. In addition, Villa has been involved in a five year M.A.T. program. It involves giving seminars on student teaching and supervising the student teachers.
In her hometown of Cheshire, Villa has been a member of the Town Council and the Board of Education. She has also raised two boys with the help of her husband, a Quinnipiac professor. However, she plans to leave her 10 years of elective office to focus on her job. “I feel like I’ve been putting my whole life into this job,” said Villa. “I love it.”
For twenty years Villa has helped build the Learning Center. “I’m proud of the program,” said Villa. “We are a community of scholars, so we should communicate what works well.”