Important to get your Zzzzs….

Jessica Dewey- Staff Writer

We all know how important sleep is for our bodies and our minds, yet so many of us go through our lives in a vicious cycle of sleep-deprivation. There are many reasons that we, as college students, often lack the proper amount of sleep. We have term papers to write, books to read, parties to attend, e-mails to write, and phone calls to make. With all these activities before us, we often sacrifice sleep to allow time for all of them, but your body needs sleep in much the same way as it needs food, water, and air.
“Inadequate sleep has the possibility of seriously impairing social, athletic, and academic performance,” says Pat Howland, a licensed counselor on staff at Quinnipiac.
Lack of sleep can also pose serious threats to your physical health, and during stressful times it is particularly essential to get proper sleep.
Although the exact amount of sleep can vary according to individual needs, most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. However, many people need more.
“People who don’t get enough sleep often find that they have short tempers, don’t concentrate well, and can be grumpy toward their friends,” said Howland.
An overwhelming schedule is not the only possible reason for not sleeping well enough or often enough. Maybe the living environment is simply not conducive to sleeping. Perhaps you physically cannot fall asleep, which could be due to a personal issue you are dealing with.
“If a problem is significant enough that it is getting in the way of restful sleep, you need to come and talk to someone about it,” says Howland.
Qualified counselors on campus can help you sort out personal issues, teach you relaxation methods, and help you develop organizational and time management skills so that you can get the sleep your body needs.
If you are having trouble sleeping or are dealing with any other personal issues, you are urged to contact Quinnipiac University’s Counseling Center, either by stopping by the Student Affairs Center, located above the Rathskellar, or by calling 582-8680.