New Metal Bands

Two of “new-metal’s” hottest bands, Slipknot and System of a Down, have teamed up to co-headline what is to be this Fall’s loudest concert tour, the Pledge of Allegiance Tour. The main reason that these bands arranged such a tour is to promote both of their newly released sophomore efforts.
Back in 1999, Slipknot exploded into the neo-metal world with their self-titled debut album. This nine-man metal army quickly rose to the top with their death-metal guitars, grooving beats, and socially dysfunctional lyrics. Songs like “Wait and Bleed,” “Spit it Out,” and “Liberate” helped guarantee their newfound reign on the metal thrown.
To further ensure their rule, only two weeks ago on August 28th, Slipknot released their sophomore album, “Iowa.” Unlike many rock bands who change their styles album to album, Slipknot took their chaotic sounds and angry lyrics to the next level as apparent in songs like the Christian-disliked “Heretic Anthem” and the rebellion song for a troubled generation with “New Abortion.” This dangerous album debuted at number 3 on The Billboard 200.
As for System of a Down, they debuted back in 1998 also with a self-titled album. Bursting out with an extremely heavy, almost hardcore sound, and vocalist Serj Tankian’s unique vocal sound and presence belting out political and social-keyed lyrics, this Armenian/American quartet quickly rose to the top with singles like “Sugar” and “Suite-Pee.”
On September 4th, System of a Down released their sophomore album, “Toxicity.” Like Slipknot kept their style, System kept their heavy sound, Serj’s vocal style, with even more politically-geared lyrics to make a great album. Songs like “The Prison Song,” speaking against the government’s drug policies and injustice, and the hit single “Chop Suey,” which contains more passion and power than many current rock singles, are just a few examples of System’s amazing and unique music that made it debut at number 2 on The Billboard 200.
The Pledge of Allegiance Tour, which was named such because the bands are “pledging allegiance’ to their fans, it will be coming to the Hartford Civic Center on October 19th. Joining Slipknot and System of a Down on the tour are the German industrial-metal band Rammstein, neo-metal’s rising stars Mudvayne, and new comers American Head Charge. Check out, or for more info on the bands and tour.