The Brave: Capturing moments and memories at Quinnipiac University

Marisa Koraus

It is a brand new year for Quinnipiac’s yearbook, The Brave. Members of The Brave are headed, full throttle, into the new year with new programs and new ideas. The only things that are missing are new members.
Lauren O’ Leary, the Editor in Chief of The Brave, states that, “This year, the yearbook is looking for new members to add a unique twist to the sections.” The sections that the Brave recognizes include: athletics, student life, underclassmen, seniors, emerging leaders, hall photos, housing, campus organizations, and academics. Events such as: concerts, sports tournaments, dorm activities, May weekend, and the University games, are also included within the yearbook.
O’ Leary states, “The Brave yearbook is open to everyone-even those people that might be interested in getting involved but don’t have the experience.” She goes on to state that, “The Brave is a representation of the entire school. Although the staff does a phenominal job in profiling and expressing the various aspects of the school, help is strongly needed and encouraged. We need people who can give us insight into what goes on; as well as, what different peoples’ viewpoints are in regards to the elements of the campus.”
The Brave is more than just a yearbook. It is, in essence, a timeline which traces back the yearlong history of Quinnipiac. It gives descriptions and details about the people, events, organizations, and academics, that encompass the university and ultimately, give the school it’s identity. The yearbook is a literary and photographical summary of Quinnipiac, but more importantly, it is an album that captures and records memories, friends, achievements, and relationships.
Anyone who is interested in joining the yearbook can either call extension 8354 or visit SC 210.