An inside look at Tom Colley

Quinnipiac University is becoming a vast community within the small town of Hamden, Conn. Each year the classes expand with students hoping to graduate with degrees in health sciences, mass communications, or even a foreign language. However, not everyone on campus is here with the goal of graduating. For Irma and Dana hall director Tom Colley, his goal is to reach out to the newest members of the Quinnipiac community-the Class of 2005.
Tom Colley grew up in Danielson, Conn. and attended Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts. He majored in Business Advertising. After completing his time in New England, Colley moved to Cleveland and served as a graduate hall director at Baldwin Wallace College. Tom then ventured to Cleveland State University to attain his graduate degree in Masters of Education.
Why come to Quinnipiac? Colley simply stated, “I wanted to move back home. I am getting married next year and I really loved the campus. Quinnipiac University gives me a lot of opportunities to explore and I’m looking forward to tackling them all.” He continued to explain that Quinnipiac is a great learning experience and will help strengthen his resume and serve as a stepping-stone for future experiences. “My favorite part of the job? Well I would have to say working with the freshmen. They’re all new at this and being able to help them through that college transition is very rewarding.”
With Tom’s help, Quinnipiac will continue to grow stronger each year and help students become familiar with the community of Hamden, Connecticut. Faculty, staff, and students will benefit greatly from having Tom on this campus.