A note from your campus news editor

Karen Grennan

Welcome to all the new students, as well as the returning students. It’s a new beginning and a fresh start for everyone. More likely than not, everyone has new goals for this year, from staying away from french fries, to going to every class. But most importantly, everyone ususally makes a mental promise to his or herself to get involved in school activities.
Getting involved with school activities is so important in one’s college career. You can join a club to meet new people with similar interests, spend free time in a more efficient manner, celebrate one’s heritage, give something back to the community, develop leadership skills, express one’s values and ideas, or to develop skills that will help one in his or her career. The returns from joining a club are endless. So why don’t more people join clubs?
Maybe people don’t join clubs because they don’t know what clubs are available here at school, or when the meetings are. Better yet, people may think that joining a club is too time consuming. Well, guess what? The Chronicle meetings are held every Monday at 4:15 in the School of Business, Room 250 and are welcome to everyone, and the time you put into the newspaper is up to you. I choose to put more time into The Chronicle than most, but the returns have been big. My writing skills have improved a great deal, along with my leadership skills, and the satisfaction I receive every week when I pick up a copy of The Chronicle is priceless. Also, I still have plenty of time for the other things that really matter to me, such as spending time with my friends and doing school work.
The Chronicle welcomes reporters, and all ideas and suggestions for the newspaper. There are so many different jobs for people on the newspapper, anyone can find a position that will best serve his or her interest. One can do reporting on campus news events. These stories show up on the first three pages of The Chronicle. Who wouldn’t love to have his or her article on the front page?
One can also write for sports, update students about club events, discuss political issues, take picures, and review movies and music, among many other things. There is even a business position for The Chronicle. This position requires dealing with people and businesses that want to place ads in The Chronicle. The possibilities are endless. Also, all students are welcome to join The Chronicle. Take me for example: I am a legal studies major, but I keep coming back every year!
Don’t forget about school spirit. This is your university. One should be proud to be a part of any organization this school sponsors. No one wants to look back on their college days down the road and regret not having been more involved. I know I always look back on my high school days and wish I was more involved.
So get some school spirit and join The Chronicle. It’s a new year, so do this one thing for yourself, and you’ll definitly enjoy the whole Quinnipiac experience more!