Reminder: SGA is here to serve the students


On behalf of the Student Government Association (SGA), I would like to welcome you back to QU. I hope you are getting ready for an exciting year.
The SGA is here for you. If you have any issues or concerns about anything at QU, feel free to stop by the SGA office in the Student Center, Room 212.
Student Government is made up of 41 students elected by the student body. If you have any issues you would like to address, contact one of your Student Government representatives. For the Sophomore class they are: President: Tom Hyde; Vice-President: Marina Perdikouris; (8) Representatives include: Justin Barksdale, Alissa Dandrilli, Melissa Dudra, Chris Galatioto, Dan Looney, Misty Oaks, Lori Parks and Anne Tassanari. For the Junior Class they are: President: Joe Bownman; Vice-President; Jon Kroll, (6) Representatives include: Pam McCarthy, Felicity Melillo, Tom Nicholson, Kristen Pedicone, Vagelis Perdikouris and Neera Prabhakar. For the Senior Class they are: President: Michael Drysielski; Vice-President: Boulee Lim; (6) Representatives include: Jen Hutton, Kristi-Joan Kniehl, Nick Lioi, Chris Mercurio, Bryan Ortiz and Stephanie Wenderoth.
There are four sub-committees of the Student Government Association. These committee’s include: Finance, Student Concerns, Social Programming Board and Public Relations. The Student Government President is Thomas Fortunato, The Vice-President of Finance is Sara DeMayo, Vice-President of Student Concerns is Marlon LeWinter, Vice-President of Programming is Steve Vindigni and the Vice-President of Public Relations is Michael O’Neill.
For weekly student government updates, read The Chronicle, check the Quinnipiac web page, watch Quest 30, and listen to WQAQ 98.1. Also check for information regarding the issues we are discussing and what we are doing to resolve them. We are here for you. Let us know your concerns!
Once again, welcome to Quinnipiac University!