Gravity Games headed to Rhode Island

Erica Morello

Now that summer is coming to a close and the South County beaches are slowly emptying out, Rhode Islanders are heading back to the city for the annual Gravity Games.
The past two years, athletes of all kinds have gathered in the small city of Providence for a festival that puts the extreme in the game. Now they are back for a third year.
Beginning Sept. 1 and following through Sept. 9, 16 events of “alternative sport” take over the entire city, from Brown University to the State House. These events include inline skating, skateboarding, street luge, wakeboarding, BMX, freestyle motocross, and downhill skateboarding.
From 17 countries, over 250 extreme, daring athletes are invading Providence to put on a show and compete in these “alternative sports.”
Besides the crowds, the many athletes, and the children staring in admiration, there is a lot of other activities that grace the “Festival Village.” Spectators get the opportunity to participate in interactive events themselves. Venders with food, manufacturers with merchandise, and booths with video games, and virtual simulators fill the village.
Alternative sports competitions wouldn’t be the same without the alternative music. Acts like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Lit, Smash Mouth, among others serve as a backdrop for these extreme games.
Providence is ready for these crazy Gravity Games. Are you?
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